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Jean-Michel Dupré Jean-Michel Dupré Jean-Michel Dupré Jean-Michel Dupré Jean-Michel Dupré

" My intuitions have served me well and today I am proud to make wine from beautiful old vine plots, some more than 100 years old! I vinify each plot separately to keep their magic."

Jean-Michel Dupré

A vineyard perched above the village of Beaujeu, in the heart of Beaujolais and its old capital, is where I started from almost nothing: a farm and vineyard of only 2 hectares left by my father. When the question of succession arose my attraction to the vine and wine was clear. So I converted old farm buildings into a winery and went in search of well-located plots in Beaujolais, Beaujolais Villages, Morgon, and Régnié. All of these years later I am still hard at work tirelessly and with a great vigor thanks to the passion for a job well done, it’s what motivates me everyday.

The particularity of my vineyard is the age of my vines, some of which are centuries old. The vines are a bit like men, they can live to be over 100 and become full of character, the older the vine the more concentrated their juice will become, which is only achieved by the passing of time. The wines therefore have incredible structure and lushness and you can taste their history in each sip! They will also continue to age gracefully in the bottle.

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